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Hosted Services

Today, the success of your business depends largely on how your teams interact and work with each other and with your customers.  The recipe for success is easy: simply bring your best people together using today's best software tools, and your team will reach your customers, and your goals.  But these tools can be very costly and have been traditionally accessible only by Fortune 500 Companies.  Now, you can have them too.

It doesn't have to cost you a fortune -
Deploying these technologies is no easy task as they require a large investment in hardward and time from your IT resources.  Instead, get your Microsoft applications directly from EnTelegent Solutions.  Our low-cost, subscription-based service includes the necessary servers, maintenance, updates and customer support.

Software on Demand Benefits Your Company:
  • Latest software versions - updated as Microsoft updates
  • Your software and data are secure in our world-class data center
  • Less capital expenditures - Low total cost of ownership