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Voice PRI

EnTele-Voice PRI delivers voice communications on a 100% digital connection to the customer’s PBX. Inbound and outbound calling are combined on the same connection which maximizes efficiency and enables scalable growth. EnTelegent Solutions makes this leading edge technology affordable for small and medium sized businesses.
Digital T1 providing local and long-distance over a T1 connection to the customer’s PBX. Primary Rate Interface - 23 Bearer Channels plus 1 Data Channel (23B+D).


  • Dedicated Trunk Groups. Bearer channels can be configured as stand-alone trunk groups. Trunk groups are dedicated to a specific type of voice service such as inbound or outbound. 
  • Enhanced 911. Allows the station DID number to be transmitted over the D channel which enables the caller’s DID number to appear on the recipient’s phone display.
  • Flexible. EnTele-Voice PRI enables your business to handle more calls on a single digital connection. Voice PRI can adapt as your needs change.
  • Efficient. Technology enables an efficient way to consolidate traffic from a PBX, reducing equipment costs.
  • Affordable. EnTelegent Solutions’ competitive pricing makes this powerful technology affordable.
EnTele-Voice PRI is available in most RBOC and LEC territories nationwide.
EnTelegent Partners with multiple carriers to provide a nationwide footprint for all your locations with great rates, all on one bill.

DID Capability. Allows incoming calls to reach a specific number served by a PBX without the use of a call attendant. Call by Call Allocation. Enables all 23B channels to be used for inbound and outbound call types at any time.


Service Description - PRI / T1

MACD and Trouble Ticket Management
Managed VoIP

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