EnVision delivers a powerful set of tools that support cost reduction and a single point of administration/control for third-party providers, services, activities, and invoices.


EnTelegent builds a centralized inventory of your wireless and wireline circuits, services, costs, contracts, and invoices. We reconcile billing to internal documentation for real-time reporting – which is accessible anywhere, anytime – via a secure web portal.  This can increase the effectiveness of your IT, purchasing, budgeting and accounting functions.
Consolidated billing and invoice processing structure reduces the number of bills and checks that must be processed by Accounts Payable down to a single bill!  No matter which carriers you use,  EnTelegent can receive, audit and process their invoices for you.  Any over-billing with be recovered for you.
Centralized service ordering, change management, and repair tracking provide you a one-stop-shop for customer care and repair needs.  EnTelegent will provide you with one number to handle those calls, track them, and see them through to resolution. 
The EnVision process delivers ongoing cost reduction and supports technology transformation initiatives to deliver positive ROI early in the engagement. Knowledge of contract requirements, early termination liability and service inventory allows for seamless deployment of new services.
Savings on wireless can reach 25% – 35% or more without switching carriers. Wireline savings will be coupled with the best technologies available to maximize value.


  • Inventory of all wireline and wireless services
  • Invoice Processing, Coding, and Bill Pay
  • Single Invoice – Consolidated Billing
  • Service Ordering and Control
  • Centralized Help-Desk
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Contract Management
  • Optimization and Cost Reduction


  • Better cost control
  • Improved visibility of service environment
  • Reduced complexity
  • Cost savings
  • Enable service migration
  • Upgrade business capabilities

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