All-In-One POTS Alternative

All-In-One POTS Alternative

Get the All-In-One POTS Alternative…powered by Ooma® AirDial® because old analog copper phone lines are for the birds! Over the coming years, usage of traditional copper POTS lines will continue to decline. Service and support, if not completely phased out, may become scarce. In the interim, costs will continue to increase as coverage shrinks. For Clients to ensure business continuity and protect themselves from rising costs, they should transition to Entelegent Solutions All-In-One POTS Alternative. #GETENTELEGENT


  • Enables technology transformation
  • Allows clients to keep their existing devices
  • Ensures business continuity [Offers redundancy by leveraging both existing internet infrastructure and an LTE wireless connection (primary or backup) to ensure service reliability for critical communication requirements].
  • Protects clients from rising POTS line costs
  • Quick and easy migrations
  • Devices are fully managed and proactively monitored for peace of mind


  • ACCESSBuilding Entry Phones/Door Entry Intercoms/Gate Phones
  • ALARM PANELS – Boiler Rooms/Elevators/Fire/Security
  • TRANSACTIONS – ATMs/POS Systems/Vending Machines
  • ESSENTIAL PHONES – Public Safety Phones/Blue Light Phones/Call Boxes
  • FAX MACHINES, SCADA DEVICES…and many more.  Our experts can help identify your needs!


  • Built to UL, NFPA 72, and ASME A17.1B standards
  • MFVN Operator for Fire Life Safety systems to facilitate fire code compliance in most fire jurisdictions in the US
  • PCI and HIPPA – Encrypted end-to-end, Voice packets not stored so
    there is no visibility into what is being transmitted

The EnTelegent Edge

  • Expert Consultation, Comprehensive Copper Line Audit, Project Management, Installation, Testing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting
  • Certified Installation and Service Technicians Available Nationwide
  • Emergency Replacement
  • Improved SLAs
  • No Billing Surprises
  • Save Up to 50% or more vs LEC-supplied lines
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