Hi-Five Wireless Internet…An AT&T® Plan

Are your clients struggling with high overage charges? We offer unbeatable Hi-Five Wireless Internet coverage from one of the largest underlying networks with a more predictable cost structure that will result in significant overage savings for your clients. Simplify the overage charge conversation. Hi-Five Wireless Internet from AT&T® is just $8.99 for the first GB per site and $5.00/GB for overages.  NO pooling, NO tiers, NO fancy math, and NO unpleasant surprises. Give your clients quality coverage and peace of mind. Check out the features and savings example below.


  • Significantly LOWER Overage Charges
  • ELIMINATE Billing Surprises for Usage Above Plan
  • REDUCE Time/Effort Required to Manage Plans
  • NOT Pooled
  • NOT Tiered
  • Clients Pay for What They Use
  • AT&T® Network Plan


Hi-Five Wireless Internet Chart

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