IP Fax

EnTelegent IP Fax is the smartest, simplest faxing solution you can buy for your business. It allows you to send or receive faxes using your email, mobile device or existing legacy fax machine (requires IP Fax Adapter).

IP Fax can be delivered wherever Internet connectivity is available. Number portability is available in most areas.


  • Paperless Fax is Eco-Friendly
  • No Paper Jams or Busy Signals
  • Send and Receive Faxes from Anywhere
  • Keep Your Current Fax Machine
  • Port your existing fax number (Toll-Free or local) and save the cost of an analog line.
  • IP Fax starting at $9.99 per month including 100 free pages.

How does IP Fax work?

IP Fax is NOT a fax over VoIP Solution. We utilize the HTTPS protocol to send and receive faxes from your existing fax machine. This is much more reliable than previous fax over IP solutions and has a significant advantage over t.38 solutions. You can send and receive faxes from your existing fax machine, or you can use your email by typing in the target fax number and a destination email address and hitting send. It’s that easy!

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