ENTELE-SIM Wireless Internet

ENTELE-SIM Wireless Internet is a multi-carrier, single-SIM solution that seamlessly delivers the best signal strength from 5 domestic and 600+ carriers globally.

The EnTelegent ENTELE-SIM Filtered, Unlimited SIM solution pairs any WAN-capable hardware that accepts a SIM card – laptops, tablets, cellular routers, IoT devices, and more, with the best available cellular network connectivity. There’s no need to choose a carrier or worry about wireless signal strength because ENTELE-SIM intelligently bonds with the best coverage from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cellular One, and Union in the US and other leading carriers globally.

Additional Benefits Include:


  • One Contract/One Invoice versus Dealing with Multiple Carriers
  • Global Access to 600 Carriers in 200+ Countries

Elimination of Coverage Issues

  • US = 5 Carriers
  • Canada = 3 Carriers
  • Mexico = 2 Carriers
  • Preferred Carrier Selection
  • Network Redundancy with Automatic Failover

Control Over Application Access

  • Approved Access/Restricted Access

ENTELE-SIM Certified Devices include:

  • Apple – iPhone SE Gen 2/XR/11/12 (IoS 13.5.1), iPad Gen 2 (IoS 13.5.1)
  • Panasonic & Other Tablets/Laptops -FZN1E, FZT1, FZG1, Toughbook, MS Surface Pro, Novatel 730U/7000
  • Samsung – Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Tab A, Tab Active 2 & 3, Tab 5 SE, A51, S8
  • Consult with your agent for a complete List of Certified Devices.

For More information regarding Blacklist/Whitelist filters – see page 2 of the overview located at the top of the page.


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